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What Does a Project Manager Do? Roles and Responsibilities

Agile frameworks, like Scrum, are designed to leave room for mistakes, trial and error, and unanticipated changes. In other words, if you employ an Agile approach, don’t expect your operations to run perfectly. On the other hand, for many teams, having the flexibility to amend project plans as time goes on is integral to ensuring they can finish the project at all. Unlike the Waterfall framework, Kanban project management focuses on continuous improvement. Using a Kanban board like the one above, your team plans how to improve products, campaigns, or processes. Monday projects offer the complete toolkit for every project and is built on an easy-to-use Work OS. This gives you the freedom to work in whatever project management framework you prefer. With views ranging from our custom table (with color-coded statuses) to Kanban board, Gantt chart, timeline, and calendar views, you can truly customize the experience to your workflow.

  • A project manager, on the other hand, is someone who focuses on the how and when of a project by coordinating, managing, and overseeing projects.
  • You’ve crafted a thorough job description and landed a highly qualified and motivated project manager.
  • That’s because traditional or not, project managers are the people who make sure that your projects are completed on time, on budget, and within scope.

One of the main project manager roles and responsibilities is to act as a bridge between the upper management and the people who are actually responsible for the execution of the project. They need to make sure that the project runs smoothly and stays on schedule. They also need to update the progress of the project regularly to the upper management.

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In fact, assumptions can set the context for how a project is defined and even executed. All of these project management benefits come together to not only affect the bottom line, but the people and the process as well. And a good project manager will always have quality of work on their mind as they help deliver work to stakeholders. It’s common for a project manager to contribute to internal reviews, proofread content, and make sure work is flawless before it goes out the door. When you’re trying to work on a task and manage it along with everyone and everything else, it can be tough. That means you don’t have time to focus on your work product, or developing strategies or methodologies to do it better. Each and every project manager should know their role inside and out.

  • Make sure that you have a plan on how to keep your technical knowledge up to date depending on what projects you work on.
  • In this case, Slack works as a video calling system too, but you can opt for other alternatives like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Viber.
  • The next step will be a series of interviews to gauge whether the candidates meet the qualifications required from them.
  • Being a project manager is a trade, after all, and there are many trade schools and universities that offer a course of study resulting in a degree.
  • Lifelong Learning Network Some of today’s most in-demand disciplines—ready for you to plug into anytime, anywhere with the Professional Advancement Network.

It’s their role to make sure all project team members are in sync and that the final result of everyprojectis akin to a beautiful symphony. They need to stay updated with the latest trends and thoroughly understand the industry they are working in. This project management framework combines practices from a variety of backgrounds and industries.


Project Managers Plan Agile projects, track deadlines, and deliver results. Your project team will likely come from different departments because projects benefit from and require varied expertise and input. Transparency can make all the difference when managing a project as complexities and sensitivities arise. With a strong culture of transparency in place, team members and leaders can rely on each other to raise flags or take ownership for their work regardless of how granular or stressful your plans get. On, you can even manage your team’s workload with live, up-to-date data on capacity so you can make smarter decisions on how to best utilize your team members. Now that we’re all on the same page on the role of a PM, let’s go deeper into what they should do in their day-to-day or in regular routine to help the team reach their goals. Focuses on reducing unnecessary waste in resources and optimizing processes for efficiency.

For that reason, we’ve created blogs, guides and templates to help you better understand all the different aspects of this role. Here are two more project manager job description examples to give you an idea of what’s required of project how to become a project manager managers for different roles. However, many people land as project managers without any education or certification in the field. While there’s nothing wrong with getting educated and certified, experience is also a great teacher.

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